Armour your vehicle against the road

Nano coatings (also known as ceramic, liquid glass or micro coatings) are permanent protective nano-particles that bond to the surface of paint, glass, plastic, vinyl wraps, and other smooth surfaces. The resulting surface is extremely hard, durable and smooth. The new surface has excellent hydrophobic (water-repellent) properties, and provides high resistance to dirt, UV damage, scratches and chemicals.

We also offer ceramic coating packages for interior trim, leather surfaces and exterior glass. Please contact us for more details and information on how we can best keep your interior looking new and protected for years to come!

Our Gyeon product fills microscopic pores and crevices to create a permanent and smooth seal only a few microns thick.


Most Vehicles $599.00

One coat of Gyeon covering all painted surfaces.

Glossy & hydrophobic protection for up to 2 years.

Most Vehicles $1099.00

Tow of Gyeon covering all painted, plastic and glass surfaces.

Glossy & hydrophobic protection for up to 5 years.

Most Vehicles $1799.00

Four of Gyeon covering all painted, plastic and glass surfaces plus alloy wheels*.

Glossy & hydrophobic protection for up to 10 years

*Only wheel faces will be coated
Most Vehicles $99.00

As an added value to our ceramic customers, we offer an annual program to have your vehicle protection professionally rejuvinated.

Service includes a full exterior wash, re-application of Gyeon topcoat, then a surface wax to keep your vehicle shining.

Retail Value
Set of 4 $399.00

The ultimate protection against the harsh elements, while providing your wheels with the same glossy and hydrophobic properties as your vehicle.

  • Wheels are removed from the vehicle, cleaned and prepped.
  • 4 coats of Gyeon are applied to the faces, spokes and barrels.
  • Wheels will then be re-installed and re-torqued to specification.
Set of 4 $399.00

  • 2 coats of Gyeon are applied to all interior plastic, leather, vinyl and glass surfaces to protection from fading & discoloration.
  • Stain protection is sprayed on all carpet and cloth upholstery.
  • Cleaning will be a breeze after we protect your interior surfaces.

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This ceramic-infused wax can be used stand-alone or in addition to Gyeon 9H Ceramic Coatings to enhance the hydrophobic and UV resistant properties of your vehicle.

Apply just like any hand wax to maximize the shine for months at a time!

For the do-it-yourself enthusiast!

Our all-inclusive kit contains everything you need to apply up to four coats on most vehicles.

Get the same protection for a fraction of the cost. You just supply the time, patience and sweat equity.

The hydrophobic spray forms a nano-scale protective layer on textiles and soft materials quickly.

It’s like ceramic coating for carpets, furniture, suede, shoes, jackets and more!

Repels water and makes cleaning a breeze!